Ecosse Signs are excited to announce the newest addition to our printing lineup: The HP Latex 360! Now, to non-signage professionals, a new printer isn’t something to cheer about: At best, it’s a necessary inclusion in the office budget. However, the printers we use at Ecosse aren’t your everyday, average copy machines. We print on all kinds of materials for all kinds of purposes, in widths that put the common office printer to shame. Here are the HP Latex 360 stats that send our signage technicians into outbursts of delight:

No Drying/Off Gassing Time.

We can print your graphic and take it right to the laminator. The new HP360 will save us (and our customers) precious time!

Print Up to 1600mm Wide on Multiple Medias.

That’s over five feet of messaging on a single sheet of vinyl or fabric & we can print on both sides of ink-receptive medias (ie, banners).

Exceptional Color Consistency.

When it comes to catching eyeballs, lush color is a must. And our clients demand excellent color matching. The i1 Spectophotometer on the HP 360 makes for superior color management.

Higher Printing Speeds with Less Energy Consumption.

The printer prints 183 sq ft/hr indoor quality in 8 pass mode; that’s 45% faster. Better yet, the HP 360 recycles the heated air to minimize energy consumption.

Hot Swapping Cartridges.

If a printer cartridge runs out during printing, the HP 360 pauses the print job and shows an alert on its 8” front LCD touch panel display. Printer technicians then have 30 minutes to replace the cartridge to continue the print job.

With the addition of our new HP printer, we have doubled our print capacity. we’re hoping to keep these printers going at full speed.