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On Wednesday 16th of  December Ecosse Signs installed the UK’s first HP L26500 Wide Format Printer, another first for Ecosse Signs.

This one-of-a-kind Design Jet Printer can only bring satisfaction and quality. Ecosse had been searching for a new printer, only looking for the best of the best.  Finally Jim stumbled across this printer and paid a visit to William Smith, one of the few Suppliers of this specific printer.  William Smith  gave the Ecosse Team a full display and hands on interaction with the Design Jet.  After a thorough inspection and trial operation of the printer for most of the day,  Jim was converted.  He realised that the HP L26500 was capable of  the finest, most up-to-date and remarkable quality. Ecosse was the first and the only Company in Britain to have this Printer installed at this particular time.  On an update, there still is a very small minority of these printers on the go, within Britain.

Not only does the HP look good, but it continues to work consistently under the bonnet,  and speeds up the rate of print jobs tremendously. This printer is Alien-like, even scary, due to its high rate and performance.  It really is ahead of its time and not much in the market can compete within this category.

There is always a steady high performance with this printer and we have not experienced any problems with it.  It doesn’t need much servicing but we always check operations regularly to ensure  a constant high grade quality is produced.


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Custom Car Stickers

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